Verdun is a borough of Montreal, Quebec, located in the island’s southwestern part.

It has long been recognized as a working-class neighborhood, but in the twenty-first century, it has seen significant redevelopment and social transformation.

Verdun has undergone a makeover as a hotspot for young families, complete with excellent food options, green alleyways, street celebrations, and a noteworthy “urban beach.”

There’s no denying that every Montreal neighborhood has its benefits, places to explore, and great destinations; however, when Time Out polled city-residents with its Time Out Index on their new favorite places to dine out, get cultured, and generally enjoy the great atmosphere of the city, Verdun came out on top as one of the 40 coolest neighborhoods, leaping from #22 in 2019 to #11 in the year 2020.

Verdun deserves its place among the world’s greatest towns right now, with its gem of a beach, vast areas of greenspace, local culture, and a thriving restaurant and bar scene.

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Reasons to Live in Verdun

  • Verdun makes an exceptional blend of the old and the new

This city is one of Montreal’s oldest and well-established areas. Verdun has progressively redeveloped in recent years, notably around Wellington Street, the borough’s major avenue. There are some of the top stores and restaurants in Montreal there.

The neighborhood has kept much of its old-school working-class character that enabled it to become what it is today. You can enjoy the traditional architecture and homes that used to house the sailors, manufacturing employees, and religious communities of Old Verdun as you walk along the streets.

  • Some of Montreal’s Most Affordably Priced Housing

If you’re more used to seeing condos for rent at excessive costs around the city, know that Verdun offers the most value for your money. You can find beautiful condos for just under $1000 a month.  Also, most Verdun apartments offer balconies and easy access to all of Verdun’s fantastic attractions.

  • Transportation

If you are Concerned about the bus and metro system just know that the entire neighborhood is located beneath Lionel-Groulx on the Green Line. Going downtown from any location should take no more than 20 or 25 minutes.

If you ride your bike east along the waterfront, you’ll find it very easy to get to the Old Port. You may even ride your bike all the way to the West Island if you so choose. Another advantage of living in Verdun is its proximity to the Lachine Canal, one of the city’s most attractive cycling paths.

  • The best restaurants in town

Some of the top restaurants in the city may be found in Verdun. Wellington Street, in particular, is a vibrant hotspot for all kind of gourmet treats.

If you’re looking for some delightfully fresh seafood, go to Chez Boss & Fils on Wellington Street. However, if you’re not a fan of fish, Blackstrap BBQ (also on Wellington) serves some of the city’s greatest American BBQ. Looking for something more glamorous? Restaurant Su is Montreal’s highest rated Turkish restaurant and as you might expect, is also located on Wellington Street.

  • Activities

Residents of Verdun have access to a waterfront, various open areas, public pools, bike lanes, rugby and cricket grounds, and even a beach.

Many remarkable celebrations and festivals are also held in the neighborhood. Wellington turns into a massive metropolitan cabane a sucre in the late winter. The Wellington Street Festival takes place throughout the summer and for the first time, the Jazz Fest is presenting free concerts in the area.

Here are some recent statistics regarding the Verdun Real Estate Market (Centris)

Single Family Home $1,055,000 (up 14% in the last 4 quarters)
Condo $519,000 (up 10% in the last 4 quarters)
Plex (2 to 5 units) $830,000 (up 6% in the last 4 quarters)

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Verdun has many schools, including high schools such as Notre-Dame-De-La-Garde, School Our Lady of Lourdes, École secondaire Monseigneur-Richard and Beurling Academy.

University and college programs in Verdun include Douglas Mental Health University Institute and Verdun vocational training center.

Quick Demographics

Age, income & marital status

According to Centris, the average age by population group in Verdun is 41 years old. The average household income in Verdun is about $85,016.

Couples with no children at home make up 46% of the population, while couples with children make up about 36%. 18% are single parent families.


  • French 64%
  • English 22%
  • Others languages 14%

Source: Raymond Chabot