Saint Laurent

Saint-Laurent is an excellent area to live and work. This borough, located on the island of Montréal, is known for its attractive geographical location, excellent accessibility to the highway network and public transport network, multiple parks and green spaces, and rich diversity. The demand for real estate in Saint Laurent is increasing, just like it is in Laval and Montreal.

Saint-Laurent is the second largest employment center in the metropolitan region after downtown Montréal, with 5,000 businesses and commercial establishments. In reality, the borough’s workforce is slightly more than its population (approximately 107,000 versus 103,000). It is also home to Technoparc Montréal’s Campus Saint-Laurent, which is Canada’s largest technological park.

According to the most recent census data, Saint-Laurent has had a population growth of over 10%, compared to less than 2% for the total urban core. Its community, which has grown by 30% since 2001, is intimately linked to immigration, with 81 percent of people hailing from other countries or having a parent who was born elsewhere. The two educational institutions in Saint Laurent also attracts about 13,000 students.

Saint-citizens Laurent’s have easy access to nature, culture, sports, and leisure thanks to its two libraries, recreation center, new sports complex, arena, and more than 50 parks and green areas. This community, which became a sustainable municipal territory in January 2019, values sustainable development as well.

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The Borough of Saint Laurent

On January 1, 2002, the Parti Québécois administration combined the city of Saint-Laurent or Ville Saint-Laurent into the city of Montreal. The pro-demerger forces lost a vote on re-establishing Saint-Laurent as a city on June 20, 2004. While 75% of eligible voters voted to demerge, this only accounted for 28.5 percent of the overall voting population, falling short of the province’s requirement of 35%.

The Reseau Express Metropolitain, which will be completed in 2023, will bring five light rail stations to the borough, three of which will replace current commuter train stations.

Saint Laurent Real estate market (Centris)

Median Single-Family Home Price $835,500 (up 12% in the last 4 quarters)
Median Condo Price $433,700 (up 8% in the last 4 quarters)
Plex (2 to 5 units) $806,000 (up 9% in the last 4 quarters)

Reasons to Live in Saint Laurent

Saint-Laurent is a fascinating city. It has a distinct atmosphere, owing to the fact that it functions as a type of ghetto for incoming immigrants. Visitors to Montreal from all around the world wind up at either V.S.L. or Montreal North. With such a diverse range of cultures and customs, it’s no surprise that this borough is full with amazing characteristics that everybody can enjoy.

  • There are all sorts of restaurants

This region has a wide variety of eateries, and the greatest thing is that they are always unique and authentic. It is said that food brings more people together, and the best way to learn about a country is to sample its cuisine. Vietnamese, Lebanese, Indian, African, Moroccan, Japanese, Italian, Greek, and even Russian cuisine can be found right on Décarie (near Côte-Vertu metro).

  • Reasonable Shopping

There are a multitude of outlets to choose from, and even if it isn’t an outlet, these businesses tend to their customers. Place Vertu is amazing!

  • Coffee Shop culture

People sit out at coffee shops for hours, playing backgammon and cards and drinking Turkish coffee, because there aren’t many people who hang out in pubs. Tim Horton’s is always packed, no matter what time of day or night it is.

  • Municipal Activities

The community center provides a variety of programs and activites for people of all ages, including painting, cooking, and drawing, as well as computer and writing. The new library is really wonderful; it has flat screens for playing Xbox and Playstation, as well as plans to construct a large sports complex.

  • Small Town Vibes

There’s a tremendous sense of belonging here… Because there are so many parks and public pools, the parks are constantly packed with huge families just hanging out in the evenings. The children play between the buildings in the large complexes.


Saint Laurent not only has two large libraries; it also has many schools and educational institutes for parents and young adults to choose from.

Within the city borders of Saint-Laurent, there are two CÉGEPs, one English (Vanier College) and one French (Cégep de Saint-Laurent). The Saint-Laurent Museum of Art, as well as an indoor college hockey rink, are located on the Cégep de Saint-Laurent campus.

Each year, about 5,000 students attend the Cégep de Saint-Laurent, which offers a dynamic student life, a wide range of services, and a beautiful urban campus. 11 pre-university programs, 10 double DCSs, 9 technical programs, and specialized training for individuals, towns, and enterprises are all available at the cégep. Science, in all of its manifestations, is taught. Human-centered fields, such as the arts, the environment, and technology, are also at the heart of the curriculum. The diverse selection of courses, many of which are exclusive, are delivered in a warm and welcoming environment that fosters a strong sense of community.

Quick Demographics

Age, Income and Marital Status

The median age of Saint Laurent is about 39.4. married couples make up 79% of Saint Laurent and families with children make up about 63%. The average median household income in Saint Laurent before taxes is $57,794.


According to the 2016 Canadian census, the population of Saint Laurent is about 98,828. 54% of this population speaks French while a smaller percentage of 23% speak English.