Real Estate Laval

As with the Montreal real estate market, the trend for real estate in Laval is also up, Again, this can be attributed to certain factors linked to the pandemic, as more people started working from home and turned to buying bigger homes for sale off the island instead of houses for sale in Montreal. The Laval real estate market will continue to appeal to those looking for affordable single-family homes. Whether you’re looking for two or more story, fully-detached or semi-detached, bungalows or townhouses, Laval has a variety of options. 

Laval has a selection of unique neighborhoods offering areas with affordable condo options, as well as much wealthier areas like Laval-sur-le-Lac, with some of the most luxurious, high-end homes in all of Laval. Because of its prime location right on Riviere des Prairies, it offers beautiful waterfront properties that are some of the most highly sought-after real estate properties around. 

Real Estate statistics (Centris):

Single Family Home $530,000 (Down 5% in the last 4 quarters)
Condo $380,000 (Down 2% in the last 4 quarters)
Plex (2 to 5 units) $725,000

Similar to the shift in demand from Montreal to the suburbs for the homeownership market, the rental market had the same shift during the pandemic, and Laval had a large proportion of new, recently built buildings from July 2019 to June 2020.

Reasons to Live in Laval

Lifestyle, Culture, and Entertainment 

Laval has much to offer when it comes to culture and entertainment. From shopping to museums to outdoor activities for the whole family, there are plenty of good reasons to disregard the houses for sale in Montreal and go live in Laval. 

If you’re looking for indoor fun, Laval is home to some pretty interesting venues like Maeva Surf, an indoor surf center, SkyVenture, where you can experience skydiving in an indoor free-fall simulator, and AeroSim Experience, a place that offers flight simulation entertainment. There is also iSaute, a 20,000 square foot trampoline center and, of course, there’s the Cosmodome, the only museum in all of Canada dedicated to everything about space. 

If the outdoors is more your speed, Laval has plenty of parks and cycling paths. Take a nice long hike, a canoe ride, or enjoy the cycling path on more than 50 hectares at the Centre de la nature, one of the largest urban parks in the region. In the summer you can enjoy the historic cruise on the Mille Îles River aboard Le Héron Bleu and in the winter go snowmobiling on the 60km of marked trails at the Club de motoneige Laval. 

When it comes to shopping, Laval’s malls are hard to beat. With over 600 stores from trendy boutiques to local and international banner stores, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for and great deals too! If you’re a shopaholic, Laval can definitely make you think twice if you’re looking at real estate in Montreal and have you checking out the real estate in Laval instead! 

Finally, it may be the suburbs but there is no shortage of cultural events and fine dining here! Laval has museums and many venues that host classical music concerts, comedy shows, theatre, and dance performances. There are also historic neighborhoods, like Old Sainte-Dorothée and Old Sainte-Rose with impressive restaurants, art galleries, and antique stores. Picturesque and inviting, there’s much to discover in Laval. 


Laval offers parents with young children a high standard of education with 58 elementary and 14 secondary schools in the francophone school board (Centre de services scolaire de Laval) and 11 elementary and 3 secondary schools in the anglophone school board (Commission scolaire Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier) 

Laval has one CEGEP, le collège Montmorency, and 2 Laval campuses for Montreal universities (Université de Montréal – Campus de l’UdeM à Laval, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) – Campus de Laval) and 1 campus for a Sherbrooke university (Université Sherbrooke – Université du troisième âge) 

If you are interested in learning a trade, Laval has 8 trade schools with 52 specialized programs in 14 different sectors to allow students direct access into the workforce. There are also adult education centers for continuing education that offer French language courses as well. 

Quick Demographics


Laval has an estimated population of 339,863 as of 2022. 

Age, Income, and Marital Status 

The median age of the population is 41 years old.  The average household income in Laval is $86,822. 

Family Types 

Couples without any children at home make up about 34% of the population in Laval while couples with children make up 49%.  

Single parent families make up about 17%. 

Spoken Language 

Laval is primarily francophone, but it has one of the fastest-growing English-speaking communities in Quebec, with an increase of more than 60% in 4 years. 

68% of the population in Laval speak French while 15% speak English. 

Other languages heard in Laval make up about 17%.