The borough of LaSalle is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was a separate municipality until 2002, having been incorporated in 1912. LaSalle is situated on the Saint Lawrence River in the south-west corner of Montreal Island.

The city of LaSalle was named after French explorer René-Robert Cavelier de La Salle (1643–1687), the area’s first seigneur.  During the mid-nineteenth century, the region was formed as a municipality, while LaSalle was incorporated as an autonomous municipality in 1912.

The Lachine Rapids are located on LaSalle land. Due to the fact that the LaSalle area was part of the parish of Saints-Anges-de-la-Chine under the French regime, the name Lachine, which is also the name of the neighbouring borough, has remained. Before the construction of the Lachine Canal in the 1820s, the rapids had to be carried on a path called Chemin LaSalle (today’s Boulevard LaSalle).

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

LaSalle History

LaSalle, formerly the Ville de LaSalle (the city of LaSalle), became a borough on January 1, 2002, when it joined the new Ville de Montréal (the new city of Montréal).

LaSalle was known for its agricultural way of life and many gardens when it was constituted as a town in 1912. It is now a major industrial area and one of Montréal’s key commercial hubs.

The Fleming Mill, which dates from 1827, is LaSalle’s icon. LaSalle’s industrial side, as well as citizens’ devotion to their past and strong sense of belonging, are all characterized by this testament to human labor.

LaSalle’s motto, as it appears under its coat of arms, is Obstantia Amovet, which means “He pushes away obstacles, he casts aside difficulties”.

Reasons to Live in LaSalle

  • Convenience:

LaSalle offers every sort of condo, apartment, house, and price range imaginable. The majority of the buildings are white stoned, adding to the borough’s charm.

  • Location:

The Saint Lawrence River runs through the southern portion of LaSalle, so you’re never far from water.

LaSalle is also close to the Lachine canal and Angrignon Park, giving you quick and easy access to bike lanes, festivals, and stunning strolls that transport you to another world.

You’re also near to Verdun, which is quickly becoming the place to be with its variety of bars, lounges and restaurants.

  • Shopping

Many Montrealers enjoy going shopping in LaSalle, especially at Carrefour Angrignon, which is a shopping mall in the LaSalle neighborhood of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Hudson’s Bay, Staples, Best Buy, Maxi, and Famous Players are all popular stores that you can find in Carrefour Angrignon. A food court is also featured on Newman Boulevard, near the intersection with Angrignon Boulevard, and was built in 1986.

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Here are some recent statistics regarding the LaSalle Real Estate Market (centris)

Single Family Home $649,000 (up 10% in the last 4 quarters)
Condo $407,000 (up 9% in the last 4 quarters)
Plex (2 to 5 units) $747,500 (up 12% in the last 4 quarters)


You may find multiple schools, colleges, daycares, and retirement homes in the city of LaSalle.

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Education is supposed to be about possibilities, not limitations, which is why LaSalle College’s three customized programs go above the norm.

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Quick Demographics

Age, income & marital Status

The average age in LaSalle is 42 years old with an average household income of $64,110. 34% of the population are couples without children and 43% are couples with children. 23% of the population in LaSalle are single parent families.


42% of the population in LaSalle speak French, while only 36% speak English. Other languages make up 22%.