Westmount is a wealthy neighborhood on Montreal‘s Island in southwestern Quebec, Canada. It is a Montreal area with a population of 19,658 people as of the Canada 2021 Census.

This area is home to a variety of parks, including Westmount Park, King George Park (formerly known as Murray Hill Park), and Westmount Summit, as well as schools, an arena, a pool, and a public library. Westmount Light & Power is the city’s own energy distribution business (Hydro-Westmount). The Royal Montreal Regiment and the 34th Signals Regiment are two Canadian Forces Primary Reserve units based in the city.

Westmount has a long history of being an affluent and primarily English-speaking community, having formerly been Canada’s wealthiest neighborhood. It currently fights for the title with the Vancouver districts of Shaughnessy and Kerrisdale, as well as the Toronto communities of Lawrence Park, Forest Hill, Rosedale, and The Bridle Path.

It is a four-square-kilometer area of unique beauty located only steps from downtown on the southwest side of Mount Royal. Residents may enjoy the pleasure of not relying on their vehicles because everything they need is right on their doorstep.

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Reasons to live in Westmount

  • A popular family-friendly neighborhood

In Westmount, young and old coexist, and the great majority of houses in the town have children. The neighborhood, which is mostly English speaking, is popular with families because of its safe, friendly, and close-knit community.

  • Victorian homes that are stunning

Westmount is home to some of the city’s—and Canada’s—nicest Victorian and neo-Tudor mansions. Although housing prices in the neighborhood are far higher than the Greater Montréal average, you may still locate comparably beautiful flats for roughly $1,500 CAD per month.

  • The appeal of residing in a green movement

Westmount is primarily residential, and it has grown around Sherbrooke and Greene Streets, which are known for their attractive boutiques and fine-dining restaurants.

Because of its proximity to the mountain (Mount Royal), Westmount has 40 percent of its area covered in lovely green spaces.

  • Superb Amenities

There are several public and private amenities in Westmount. Residents can stroll, cycle, or hike in one of three public parks. Antique shops, art galleries, grocery stores, a variety of restaurants (including Italian, French, and a multicultural restaurant), and retail malls (including the Victorian town) line the streets. In addition, there is a new leisure complex that has recently opened.

Several high-end private schools are within walking distance in the region. One of the schools is a French-language school that serves the local French community. The roads are well-paved, making travel to and from the city center safe and comfortable. The Atwater metro station provides access to the subway system.

  • Public Services

Westmount has its own police force, which is largely made up of yellow SUVs. It also has a fire department, snow removal, waste collection, and recycling services. The services are provided with the highest level of trustworthiness and quality. Among government personnel, the staff at the local city hall is one of the kindest and most helpful.

  • Value

Some people may be put off by the pricing of housing market in Westmount, but if you are wealthy, Westmount has some of the most valuable residences in all of Canada. The region provides excellent value for money when compared to comparable high-end areas in other cities.

The majority of the houses are deemed historic structures, making them even more attractive to purchase in this neighborhood.

Anyone would want to live in Westmount since it is a great residential location. This is the location for you if you want to live in a gorgeous area with all conveniences and only a short distance from the city center.

Here are some recent statistics for the Westmount Real Estate market (Centris)

Single Family Home $2,235,000 (up 11% in the last 4 quarters)
Condo $1,069,000 (up 16% in the last 4 quarters)

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Westmount Montreal is home to numerous English and French high schools, primary schools and daycares. Both public and private such as Westmount High School, Westmount Park Elementary School, Saint-Léon-De-Westmount School and Collège international des Marcellines

Quick Demographics

The population of Westmount, as of 2021 is roughly 19,658. As mentioned earlier in the text, the spoken language of Westmount Montreal is primarily English but around 20% of that population also speak French. The average age group is 45 years old with an average yearly household income of $295,342.

Couples without children in Westmount make up 40% of the population while 45% make up couples with children.

Source: westmount.org