Duvernay is a district in the eastern section of Laval that used to be a distinct city until August 6, 1965, when the municipalities merged.

When it comes to land size, Duvernay is the largest neighborhood in Laval. It is split into 3 parts. To the south, it encircles the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul area. Auteuil and Saint-François border the northern boundary, which also borders the neighborhood to the east. Vimont and Pont-Viau may be found to the west.

The numerous green spaces and woodland areas with walking trails are the most charming aspects of living in Duvernay. Residents enjoy a peaceful suburban lifestyle while yet being very close to Montreal.

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Reasons to Live in Duvernay

  • Country & Suburb Lifestyle

Duvernay is a mix of rural and suburban districts with a unique earthy, natural feel that is enhanced by the numerous woodland and agricultural areas. While the region is mostly residential, there are several bustling streets with restaurants and retail shops, and the main boulevards that pass through it provide easy access to the Island of Montreal.

  • Convenient Transportation & Location

The 440 highway passes through Duvernay and connects the city of Laval. Thanks to the Papineau, the Pie-IX Highway, and the newly constructed Highway 25, Montreal is also only a short drive away. Residents may easily go to other parts of Laval because to the numerous STL buses that pass through the region.

  • Diverse Neighborhood

There are a lot of families with kids, as well as old and young couples and single people. Although more than half of Duvernay’s population is from Quebec, the city’s culture is diversified.

  • Shopping in Centre Duvernay

The Centre Duvernay mall, located in the eastern portion of Laval between highways 19 and 25, has been operating for nearly 50 years and spans about 260 000 square feet.

Hart, Métro, Pharmaprix, SAQ, and Énergie Cardio are among the businesses and services available at Centre Duvernay. Centre Duvernay is an incredible destination to shop for special gifts, clothes, jewelry, cosmetics and more!

Here are some recent statistics for the Duvernay Real Estate Market (Centris):

Single Family Home $580,000 (up 14% in the last 4 quarters)
Condo $369,450 (up 27% in the last 4 quarters)

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Duvernay is home to many different elementary and high schools such as Genesis Elementary School, Montessori School De Laval and Mont-De-La Salle High School.

Duvernay Quick Demographics

Age, Income & Marital Status

The average household income in Duvernay is $105,021. The average age in Duvernay is about 41 years old. Couples with children at home make up 49% of the population while couples without children make up about 35%. Single-parent families make up 16% of the population in Duvernay.

Source: Canada 247

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Languages Spoken

67% of the population in Duvernay speak French while about 21% of the population speak English.

Other languages heard in the area make up only 12% of the population in Duvernay.