Rosemère is a wealthy off-island community in the Thérèse-De Blainville Regional County Municipality in southwest Quebec, Canada. It is a suburb of Montreal. The town is renowned for its beautiful appearance because of all the trees.

The town has expanded around some of the forested areas, but others have remained untouched. The majority of the residences are affluent, varying from refurbished cottages to outstanding character mansions. Without many large companies, it is nearly exclusively residential. The town’s major street, Boulevard Curé-Labelle, is lined with suburban stores and shopping centers. The biggest shopping center in Rosemère is Place Rosemère.

The Town of Rosemère has always been praised for the wealth and serenity of its neighborhood as well as the mythical beauty of its surrounding landscape. This appreciation of beauty and harmony may be seen in the natural world as well as in the arts, culture, society, and sports.

Rosemère, which is close to routes 13, 15, and 640 and is situated on the picturesque Mille-Îles River, has grown into a significant economic hub in the area. One of the lowest municipal tax rates in all of Québec’s urbanized areas is another significant aspect of Rosemère.

It has been reported that Rosemère has a population of 14,062 residents.

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Reasons to Live in Rosemère

  • Quality of Life

As previously mentioned, the community is very classy, filled with upscale, elegant residents with their beautiful homes.

According to a recent study, crime rated in the Rosemère community are over 29% lower than in the Montreal average, making it extremely safe and secure.

  • Great Community Services

In addition to excellent private and public-school options in both English and French, Rosemère also offers its residents access to a variety of beautiful churches.

Rosemère also provides the finest municipal services to its citizens in convenient, up-to-date facilities. In addition, Rosemère’s well designed parklands occupy a very large space, making the city full of greenery and nature!

Rosemère, which is well supported by a variety of volunteer groups, is distinguished by the unparalleled standard of its communal life. There is a lot of entertainment available for both locals and visitors to enjoy, ranging from outdoor celebrations and sporting events to cultural activities and art shows, including a library and a local choir.

  • Location

Rosemère, which is conveniently situated along the Mille-Îles River north of Montréal and Laval, began as a well-liked holiday destination in a rural environment.

Rosemère has grown a lot economically thanks to the expansion of the road network, particularly highways 15 and 640, while preserving its rural charm.

  • Excellent Economic Condition

The excellent financial health of Rosemère is yet another aspect that adds to the town’s appeal. Rosemère was able to keep one of the lowest tax rates in the Regional County Municipality because of its financial stability and economic continuity (RCM). In contrast to other towns, Rosemère has a substantially lower amount of debt.

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Real Estate Statistics (Centris):

Single Family Home $675,000 (up 17% in the last 4 quarters)


As previously mentioned in the text, Rosemère is home to some of the finest primary and secondary schools.

A few of these schools are; Rosemere High School, McCaig Elementary School and École secondaire Hubert-Maisonneuve.

According to a study, 89% of the population in Rosemère graduate high school. This is 7% higher than the CDN average.

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Rosemère - Quick Demographics

Age, Income & Marital Status

The average age in the Rosemère community is 42 years old. 34% of the population in Rosemère is aged between 45 to 64 years old. 17% of the population is aged between 25 to 44 years old, making those the two largest age groups in Rosemère.


The average household income in Rosemère is $139,117. 30% of the population in Rosemère have a household income more than $150,000. 22% of the population in Rosemère have a household income between $100,000 and $150,000.

Family Types

Married couples make up 59% of the population in Rosemère.

Couples without any children make up 38% while couples with children make up 50%. Single-parent families in Rosemère make up 12%.

Languages Spoken

79% of the population in Rosemère are French while 18% are English. Other foreign languages heard around Rosemère make up only 3%.

26.6% of the population in Rosemère speak only French.