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Saint-Joseph-du-Lac is a municipality in the Laurentides region of Quebec, Canada, part of the Deux-Montagnes Regional County Municipality.

This Laurentides area has a population of about 7,302.

The city prides itself for its agriculture and warm family environment. Saint-Joseph-du-Lac is a modest neighborhood with a rich history in farming, apple growing and agriculture.

Source: sjdl.qc.ca

Source: sjdl.qc.ca

Reasons to Live in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac

  • Cycling

The Municipality’s steep terrain draws an increasing number of cyclists, who can frequently be seen crisscrossing the ranks in the spring and summer. The latter particularly enjoy hiking through an orchard of blossoming apple trees.

Additionally, the Municipality has a bicycle repair station that has been thoughtfully placed near the public fountain to enable cyclists to fix minor damages or re-inflate their tyres while cooling off and soaking in the gorgeous scenery.

  • Municipal Parks

You have access to a number of fields where you may play your preferred sport. You may even book the softball or soccer fields for your own activities.

The parks are open from 7:00am until 10:00pm every day and have basketball courts, soccer fields, tennis courts and different water games and sports.

  • Affordable

According to recent statistics, the cost of living in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac is 8% lower than the Montreal average. Real Estate prices are 45% lower than the Montreal average.

  • Apple Picking Paradise

Come and experience the beauty of a friendly and inviting place. The orchard extends an invitation for you to participate in a picking adventure that will take you to a beautiful location. Come and experience the people’s excitement as they lead you to learn about apple picking techniques and the preparation required before an apple can be harvested.

We may assume from the size of the apple trees and the superior quality of their fruits that the natural conditions in the Saint-Joseph-du-Lac area are suited to this culture and that the techniques used are exceptional.

Here are some recent statistics regarding the Saint-Joseph-du-Lac Real Estate Market (Centris):

Single Family Home $500,000 (up 30% in the last 4 quarters)

Source: Laurentides

Source: Laurentides

Saint-Joseph-du-Lac – Quick Statistics

Age, Income & Marital Status

The average age in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac is about 38 years old. About 30% of the population in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac are aged between 45 and 54 years old making it the largest age group in the city.

The average household income in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac is $93,111.

Couples without any children at home make up 39% of the population in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac while couples with children at home make up 48%. Single-parent families make up 13%.

Languages Spoken

Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, Laurentides is mainly a French-speaking area with about 97% of the population speaking French and only 3% speaking English. Over 50% of the population in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac only speak French.