L’Épiphanie, situated in the Lanaudière region of Quebec, is a quaint and historic city that holds a unique charm. With a rich cultural heritage and scenic surroundings, L’Épiphanie invites residents and visitors alike to explore its small-town ambiance and enjoy the tranquility of its natural landscapes. Originally founded in the 18th century, the city has evolved into a close-knit community that values its history while embracing modern amenities. L’Épiphanie offers a blend of cultural heritage, community spirit, and access to the natural beauty of the Lanaudière region, making it a distinctive destination in Quebec.

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Reasons to Live in L'Épiphanie

  • Scenic Beauty

L’Épiphanie is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Lanaudière region, offering residents picturesque landscapes, green spaces, and a tranquil environment.

  • Nature & Outdoor Activities

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the city’s proximity to outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and exploring the natural beauty of the Lanaudière region.

  • Local Amenities

Despite its small-town feel, L’Épiphanie provides essential amenities such as shops, restaurants, and services, ensuring residents have convenient access to their daily needs.

  • Low Crime Rates

L’Épiphanie often enjoys lower crime rates compared to larger urban areas, contributing to a sense of safety and security for its residents.

Real Estate Statistics (Centris)

Single-Family Home $392,500 (down 2% in the last 4 quarters)

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L'Épiphanie Quick Demographics

Age, Income & Family Types


The average age in L’Épiphanie is 38 years old. 28% of the population is aged between 45 to 64 years old. 27% of the population is aged between 25 to 44 years old, making those the two largest age groups in L’Épiphanie.


The average household income in L’Épiphanie is $73,432. 38% of the population in L’Épiphanie have an income of less than $50,000. 25% of the population have an income between $50,000 and $80,000.

Family Types

Couples without children at home make up 38% while couples with children make up 43% of the population in L’Épiphanie. Single-parent families make up 19% of the population in L’Épiphanie.

Languages Spoken

99% of the population in L’Épiphanie speak French while only 1% speak English.